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DEECR D40 Foldable Mini Quadcopter Review

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The DEECR D40 lightweight foldable drone is a compact, fun beginners level drone with a host of features which puts it amongst our best buys for 2022.

It has an adjustable 1080 camera which gives excellent quality pictures and video. The DEECR D40 is fully foldable, which is and excellent feature for protecting the motors, as if it crashes into something the propellers will fold in.

The drone is very responsive, it turns quickly making it safe and easy to fly.  It also flies well in wind (on high speed mode).

The DEECR D40 is supplied with 2 batteries, and the battery life is given as 20 minutes however they dont last that long if you fly the drone on high speed.  Recharge time is approximately 90 mins per battery, and spare batteries and parts are readily available.

Weighs 71 grams, good quality sturdy build.

Comes with an easy to use remote which requires 3 x AA batteries (not included) but you can also use it with an app on your phone.