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Buying Your First Drone? Read this first!

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Before you take your nice shiney new drone out of its box for its maiden flight, you need to know how to fly it.  This website could include a lengthy section on how to fly a drone, but there doesn't seem much point when someone else has written this most excellent guide - The Drone Pilot's Handbook .

If you don't do your research before you fly your drone, then a certain outcome is inevitable ... you will crash it! 

The book is written in an easy to read format, with plenty of illustrations and inspiring aerial photos, handy tips and hints, as well as websites for further reading.  There is are comprehensive instructions on how to get your quadcopter aerborne, as well as exercises in learning how to control it once it is in the air.  There are explanations of the various modes of flight, advice on pre flight checks and maintenance, a large chapter on aerial photography, a section on safety and a comprehensive glossary.

The book is written with the US market in mind so the exact legalities are slightly different, however the principles are much the same and if you follow the advice given you wont go far wrong.

Written in May 2016 it is one of the most up to date books on the subject of drones, which with its development and popularity ever changing and growing it is important to read recently written material.  All in all, well worth a tenner!