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  1. Potensic A20W Review

    The Potensic A20W  is a great little drone with a huge host of features and multiple functions for a great price.  It is perfect for kids and adults alike, and is a fab way to introduce beginners to the concept of FPV flying without breaking the bank, or breaking a more expensive drone.

    The Potensic A20W  comes with a transmitter, and can be flown alone, or with the aid of a smart phone which fits in the holder attached to the transmitter and which can be used to enjoy real time live FPV feed directly from your phone. It has many standard but handy features such as Altitude Hold (Hover), One Key Take-off/Landing and Low Battery Alarm, but also some special and cool features such as Flight Path Plan (draw a path on the App and the drone will follow it) and G-Sensor Mode, where you control your drone by tilting your phone.

    The Potensic A20W  comes with a battery, but with a 5 minute flight time per charge it is worth buying another Potensic A20W Spare Battery .  A spare set of propellers are also included, but other Potensic A20W Spare Propellers  can be bought readily and cheaply.

    All of these features come at the cost of the camera quality, which is not quite as good as others in the under £50 category, however the pictures are still great and it offers fantastic value as well as a fun flying experience, particularly if you are keen to try FPV.  All in all, a great little drone.

    4 stars

  2. Eachine E58 Review

    If the Eachine E58  is described as a toy grade copy of the Zerotech Dobby , then the Eachine E58  can be described as a miniature clone of the DJI Mavic Pro .  

    The Eachine E58  is a great entry level pocket selfie drone.  It offers smooth and stable flying, and the fact that is it fun and easy to fly makes it great for beginners.  The one key take off and landing features as well as the return to home button means that it virtually flies itself.  It is also durable and very portable, it folds up easily and and is small and very quiet which makes it a very discreet drone.

    The control range is good, up to 100 meters, and it is shipped pretty much ready to fly.  You will need to unclip the battery from the drone and charge it up with the included battery charger, which takes around 60 mins.  Then clip it back in, unfold the arms, and turn on the drone, followed by the radio controller.  Once the drone has synced to the controller you are ready to go, and the battery will give you around 7-9 mins of flight time.  If you want to use the FPV function, and take video and pictures you will need to download the App "JY UFO" and put your mobile phone into the pull-out phone holder on bottom of the controller.

    The camera quality on the Eachine E58  is pretty good.  It shoots video in wide angle 720P HD and takes 2MP photos. The video and pictures are recorded onto a mini SD card slotted inside the drone.

    Eachine E58 Spare Batteries  are readily available, as are Eachine E58 Spares .  

    Our Verdict

    This is a great little pocket selfie drone for the price, it is a nice easy machine to fly and is ideal to cut your teeth on before buying something more expensive.  You can have fun with the selfie features and the footage and pictures are pretty good. Makes a great gift too!

    3.5 stars