2022 Top Ten Best Gifts For Drone Pilots

Top Ten Best Gifts for Drone Pilots

It can be difficult to know what to buy for the drone enthusiast if they have an upcoming birthday or for Christmas, but hopefully there will be something in this list that will appeal to both the novice and the pro.  The best bit is that nearly all of these gifts are under £30!  Alternatively, put them on your own Christmas or Birthday list.

For a brilliant range of drone themed gifts you can also visit Zazzle.

1. Books About Drones

2. Drone T-Shirt

3. LiPo Battery Safety Charging Bag

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the potential dangers of LiPo Batteries catching fire when charging.  Well this little gadget gives you peace of mind with its fireproof protection properties, allowing you to transport, charge and store your batteries safely.  

4. Wind Speed Gauge

Its always good to know just how windy it is before flying your drone, and this handheld Digital Anemometer will measure the wind speed and tell you.  It also measures temperature and wind chill, and being the size of a remote control is highly portable and easy to carry with the rest of your kit.

5. Hi Viz Drone Pilot Safety Vest

6. Drone Carry Bag / Rucksack

This backpack is tough, light and water resistant, with self-healing zippers to keep your equipment safe and dry.  It measures 28x28x10cm, and features quick access side pockets, and is suitable for a number of DJI drone models, and any similar sized drones.

7. Quadcopter Landing Pad

This mat allows you to turn any surface into a safe place to take off and land your drone.  It protects your drone and camera from mud and gravel and is great for practicing your quadcopter landing skills.  It has a non-slip rubber base, and it can be rolled up to be easily transported and stored.

8. Drone Mug

9. Drone Hoody

10. Baseball Cap